Carol McAughey
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We fulfil your printing needs.With personalised mugs, cups, caps, puzzles, lighters, clocks, shirts, coasters, plates, mouse pads, stickers, safety signs and more.

Vinyl Stickers & Safety Signs

We stock 3 and 8 year vinyl with a variety of colours which can be used from toilet signage to advertising your sales prices and bumper stickers. The vinyl we use is OSH compliant.

  • Stock.
    We stock 3 and 8 year Vinyl.
  • Usage.
    3 year vinyl is used mainly for indoors or short term outdoors. 8 year vinyl is used for outdoors.
  • Variety.
    A wide variety of vinyl colours & clear and frosted glass is available.
  • Limitations.
    Design colours are limited as each colour must be cut separately then assembled.
  • Long term options.
    Long term Signs can be mounted on ABS plastic, Chromadek, or Aluminium boards.
  • Short term options.
    Short term signs on Masonite, corrugated cardboard or corrugated plastic.
  • Ideas.
    From Toilet signage to advertising your sales prices to bumper stickers.

Stay OSH act compliant

ABS, Chromadek, Aluminium, corrugated plastic or board

  • Sublimation on Aluminium
  • All safety signage
  • All informative signage